How we do what we do


We are a small & intend to stay this way because it is the only way we can offer garments that are made with thoughtfulness and care. Limited production that also means never sacrificing quality or principles to raise profits or cut costs.                   

Our testament for better living and considerate consumption:

-  Only natural and quality materials.

- No overproduction or following mainstream trends. Committed using all the raw material, leaving nothing for waste.

- Mainly work ´made to order´ to minimize the standing stock.

- Using, if possible and available repurposed yarn. 

We forge mutually beneficial relationships with all of the people and ecosystems we work with from Italy to Japan. Natural small scale dye businesses in Europe and Africa and knitting service in Spain, Estonia and Latvia. ​We believe in the power of reciprocity and view ourselves as part of a larger web that we all rely on. Every member who is making our garments is essential, and we honor their contribution through long-term commitments.