Care Instructions

Can pieces be put in the washing machine?

Never put your garment in the washing machine or dryer. We recommend hand wash with lukewarm water, using a laundry detergent for delicate fabric. Slowly soak the garment and press in unruffled motion. No pulling or tearing movements. You will see some color extracting during your  wash, this is totally normal.Gently squeeze out excess water, roll it in a towel and lie flat in the shade to dry. Use iron on low heat to give it a smooth look.

Can it felt?

If the yarn is over-agitated, it can felt causing it to shrink in unpredictable ways. Specially, changing your wash bath from cold to hot water therefore make sure you always use lukewarm water.

Can pieces be taken to dry cleaner?

Yes, all the knitwear with special attention to botanically dyed garments can be taken to a dry clean.  In order to take botanically dyed garments to the dry cleaner you should make sure they know how to treat naturally dyed garments. It is always safer to hand wash these garments yourself.  

What if my garment starts to pill?

This is a natural process where friction causes the short fibres to migrate to the surface. The "pilling" is not indicative of inferior quality - it is an inevitable consequence of the careful processing of this fine fibre.


Moths are the saddest thing to happen to any wool product however they can be avoided forever. It is simply a measure on your part to insure they don’t find a place to mate and lay larvae. They like soft places, fine dust, specs of food, even hair grease. As a regular practice or at the end of a season wash your garment (as instructed above). If you suspect your loved garment has been visited by the pests, put your garment in the freezer for 24 hours. Moths like undisturbed, dark cozy places. Existing larvae do not survive drastic changes in temperature, nor do they survive washing. Moths are not so much repelled by smells.

Air out garments and expose them to sunlight occasionally. Inspect closely and regularly.

Store in airtight containers and with a pheromone distracting scent.